DAV II Turbo+ DentAirVac will be exhibiting their “At Source” Oral Aerosol Vacuums at the upcoming 2022 Spring IAOMT conference March 3 - 5 in New Orleans, LA.

Our newest DAV VII Turbo+ includes a Variable Speed Fan Motor Controller for reduced decibel levels while using as a whole room air purifier, a fully sealed Pre/HEPA/Charcoal Filter Pack for easier maintenance and a Patent Pending 4” – 3” – 5.5” five foot long Intake Hose Assembly designed to increase air intake cfm while maintaining higher velocities similar to that of the 3” – 5.5” standard DAV intake hose. All DAV V and newer are upgradable to the DAV VII Turbo+.


Pleated PreFilters and PreFilter PadsPre-Filter

Designed to capture particulate down to 10 micron. Replace every 3 - 12 months depending on usage.


Charcoal FilterCharcoal Filter

A blend of granular, activated carbons sensitized for mercury vapor and other dental specific aerosols.
12 X 12 X 1.5
10 X 20 X 2


HEPA FiltersHEPA Filter

Mini pleated HEPA media sealed in extruded aluminum frames designed to capture particulates down to 0.3 micron. replace at least yearly.
12 X 12 X 6
10 X 20 X 6


12x12x6 Pre/HEPA/Char Filter PackFilter Pack

3 stage filter with a Prefilter, HEPA Filter and Carbon Filter sealed to the gasketed, extruded aluminum HEPA filter frame. For use with DAV V - Newer and Kreative Kleanair II. Replace at least yearly.



Intake Liners Intake Liner

50 Pc bag of 24" long Intake Liners, use to keep inside of intake hose clean. Replace at least weekly.



Intake Filter ConeFilter Cones

A custom cut disposable paper filter designed to capture > 50 micron particulate and moisture. Use during heavy particulate generating procedures such as amalgam removal and air abrasion.
10 X 13
19 X 13


M1 Carbon Cloth Hg Vapor MaskCarbon Cloth Mask

The Low Profile Carbon Cloth Mask uses Zorflex carbon cloth sensitized for mercury vapor. 1 way breather valve. Use only with at source oral aerosol vacuum. Rated for 75 hours of use.




Fan Motor Speed ControllerVariable Speed Motor Controller

Variable speed motor controller adjusts the fan motor speed and decibel levels down to 25% for quieter whole room air purification.




Snuffles Elephant Head

The custom made lightweight Elephant Head attaches to any 3" diameter intake hose.