Oral Aerosol and Vaporized Mercury Vacuums

Jessica Saepoff DDS

Jessica Saepoff, DDS

Dr. Jessica Saepoff, a dentist well versed in the potential harmful vapors that certain dental procedure may cause, offers the least toxic and least invasive treatments available. Here she demonstrates our DAV VII Oral Aerosol and Vaporized Mercury Vacuum System in her office.

DAV Systems

The DAV VII Turbo System is the most current Mercury Vapor Oral Aerosol Vacuum unit offered by DentAirVac. It incorporates the same 20 year proven technology delivered in an economically compact design.
The DAV System II, III and IV were the first units design by DentAirVac. Despite their larger size, they are especially useful for when a large quantity of air borne particulate is present such as in air abrasion procedures and other dental Iq Air applications
DAV System II, III, & VI

Kreativ Kleenair II
Kreativ Kleenair II

DAV System supports the Kreativ Kleenair II line of Oral Aerosol and Vaporized Mercury Vacuums. Although Kreativ is out of business, we still provide filters, components and service for their machines.