DAV VII TurboDentAirVac manufactures oral aerosol vacuums designed to remove potentially toxic odors, vapors and particles away from the immediate breathing area of the doctor, assistant and patient.

Excellent for capturing dental oral aerosols including:

  • Mercury Vapor during amalgam removal
  • Aluminum Oxide Air Abrasion Particulate
  • Laser Smoke Plume
  • Electrosurgery Smoke Capture
  • Composite BPA Grinding Dust
  • Airborne Blood Pathogens and Viruses
  • Ozone Removal From Immediate Breathing Area
  • Water Spray Aerosols
  • Prophy Powder
  • Disinfectant Control
  • VOCs
  • Overall Improvement of Infection Control Program
  • Holistic Approach to Dentistry

Other Industries

  • Diathermy Plume Containment
  • Surgical Smoke Capture
  • Acrylics and other Nail Salon Applications
  • Paleontology Fossil and Mineral Preparation Containment
  • Laser Hair Removal Carbon Containment
  • Industrial Laser Smoke Plume Capture
  • Dental Lab Dust Control
  • Solder Flux Smoke Capture