DAV II Turbo+ DentAirVac will be exibiting their "At Sourceā€ and Whole Room Air Purification Vacuums at the upcoming 2023 Spring IAOMT conference in Allen, TX March 16th - 19th. Click here for Conference and Hotel Info - IAOMT

We will be introducing our newest DAV-Ultra hybrid "At Source Capture" and Whole Room air purification system in one. The DAV-Ultra is a 9-Stage detection, filtration, sanitation, and air purification system coupled with our DAV hi-flow At Source Capture intake hose adding 2 more filtration points. The DAV-Ultra includes a 5 speed on/off remote controller, a washable prefilter/electrostatic grid, true HEPA/carbon filter combo, a Tio2 filter activated by UVC for ozone and oxygen sanitation and real time air quality sensors. The DAV-Ultra is perfect for non critical operatories and hygiene. Prices as low as $1,195.

See a demo here

Kreativ Air Abrasion Parts

DentAirVac carrys a limited amount of parts for the Kreativ Mach 4, Mach 5 Air Abrasion devices at considerably discounted prices. Parts available include nozzles and hand pieces, pinch valve components and refurbished Air Abrasion Equipment. We also offer abrasive powders.

Kreativ Air Abrasion Parts
Kreativ Air

Kreativ Mach 4 Turbo
Kreativ Mach 4.1 Turbo

Crystal Mark Dental's Abradent
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