DAV II Turbo+ DentAirVac will be exhibiting their “At Source” Oral Aerosol Vacuums at the upcoming 2022 Spring IAOMT conference March 3 - 5 in New Orleans, LA.

Our newest DAV VII Turbo+ includes a Variable Speed Fan Motor Controller for reduced decibel levels while using as a whole room air purifier, a fully sealed Pre/HEPA/Charcoal Filter Pack for easier maintenance and a Patent Pending 4” – 3” – 5.5” five foot long Intake Hose Assembly designed to increase air intake cfm while maintaining higher velocities similar to that of the 3” – 5.5” standard DAV intake hose. All DAV V and newer are upgradable to the DAV VII Turbo+.

Kreativ Air Abrasion Parts

DentAirVac carrys a limited amount of parts for the Kreativ Mach 4, Mach 5 Air Abrasion devices at considerably discounted prices. Parts available include nozzles and hand pieces, pinch valve components and refurbished Air Abrasion Equipment. We also offer abrasive powders.

Kreativ Air Abrasion Parts
Kreativ Air

Kreativ Mach 4 Turbo
Kreativ Mach 4.1 Turbo

Crystal Mark Dental's Abradent
Crystal Mark Dental